BY: Dana Criswell | Mississippi Gun News

House Bill 314 was passed in the 2014 legislative session, it gives citizens the ability to file civil suits to force local governments to adhere to State gun laws.  Local politicians around the state had passed ordinances that prohibited the legal carrying of firearms on city property, these laws were clear violations of state law.  Until the passage of HB314 citizens had no legal recourse to challenge these officials.

Once the bill was signed into law,Rick Ward filed 13 complaints with the Attorney General against cities and counties who insisted on posting NO GUN signs on city and county buildings.  Ten of the complaints Rick filed resulted in immediate compliance after the Attorney General confirmed they were in violation of the law.  Three of the municipalities refused to remove their signs and Rick files law suits against them. The City of Hattiesburg initially refused to remove their signs but has now settled.

In his recently settled suit against Hattiesburg the city agreed to the following terms,

  •  pay Rick’s attorney fees
  • remove all posted written notices within its jurisdiction dealing with the prohibition of firearms to comply with Miss. Code. and shall provide Ricks attorney an exact copy of each posted written notice along with its location prior to affixing the notice.

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