Gov. Bryant on Friday signed into law a measure to lower the cost of college tuition for military veterans and their eligible spouses and dependents. Senate Bill 2127 waives out-of-state tuition for veterans, active duty military, the National Guard or Reserve forces who are eligible for federal Veterans Education Benefits and who either live in another state and attend school in Mississippi or who live in the state but are not residents.

The tuition waiver will apply at all of Mississippi’s public universities, community colleges and junior colleges and covers both traditional and distance learning courses.

“This is just one more way that we can honor veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice,” Gov. Bryant said. “We already know that veterans make outstanding employees, and this measure will help these men and women pursue extra training and education to further their careers. We owe it to them to provide opportunity we can for them to succeed, and I am proud to sign this bill into law.”

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One thought on “Gov. Bryant signs into law reduction of college tuition for Veterans. 

  1. I am wholeheartedly in favor of helping veterans who are residents of OUR state but why should we pay taxes to support veterans from other states??? There has been talk of admitting illegal aliens into our military and if that becomes a reality then we’ll be giving illegal alien veterans a tax break at our expense as well. Have we drifted that far Left?

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