BY: Steve Wilson |

That might no longer be the case in Mississippi. Senate Bill 2093, signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant and passed unanimously with no debate by the Mississippi Legislature, gives the state’s regulated utilities the ability to engage in “economic development activities.” That includes providing capital, investment or acquisition and development of business or industrial sites and necessary infrastructure services needed to attract new businesses or industry.

And here’s the kicker: if those investments don’t work out it’s power customers that’ll be on the financial hook.

Hattiesburg businessman Thomas Blanton, who is running for the Southern District commissioner for the Mississippi Public Service Commission, argues that SB 2093 is a massive power grab for utilities.

“It’s pure, unadulterated corporate socialism,” Blanton told Mississippi Watchdog. “It’s pure fascism. By passing SB 2093 into law, Mississippi has been transformed into a plantation economy with a sharecropper structure. We now owe our souls to the company store.

“There’s nothing conservative about it at all. It’s too much power for a power company to have.”

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