BY: Geoff Pender|ClarionLedger 

Many conservatives and libertati saw the “anti-Common Core” bill — approved by 93 of 96 Republicans in the Legislature — as not really anti-Common Core, just “political cover.” They complained it just created a commission to study state education standards and make recommendations. After weeks of consideration, Bryant smacked it with his veto stamp.

I had a pretty lengthy conversation with McDaniel after Bryant’s veto, and he sounded pumped. He was lovin’ on the governor, and appeared to forget his loyalists were carrying “Primary Phil in 2015” signs last summer at the Neshoba County Fair.

“No, I never questioned (Bryant’s) conservative credentials,” McDaniel said. “Phil is instinctively and intuitively a conservative, and this veto of (the Common Core bill) is evidence. Phil is my friend … Politics has its place, but it shouldn’t come between friends.”


And does McDaniel consider Bryant’s veto a victory for the “McGOP?” In the words of his friend Sarah Palin, you betcha.

“This is a major victory for conservatives,” McDaniel said. He said the mobilization of “various factions of the conservative movement,” including “Common Core mothers” (that would be a cool name for a band) is an example of what his new United Conservatives Fund PAC can do when it rallies the troops.

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