GOP State Chairman Nosef under fire for sending letter attacking Republican candidate in Biloxi mayor’s race. 

The Harrison County Republican Executive Committee is protesting the state party’s intervention in the Biloxi mayor’s race.

Chairman Frank Genzer of Biloxi said local Republicans are infuriated by a letter sent by state Chairman Joe Nosef that questioned the Republican credentials of FoFo Gilich, a candidate local Republicans “absolutely” 

consider a Republican. Gilich had been a Democrat, even serving briefly as local leader, but said he switched to the GOP several years ago. The Harrison County Republican Club also accepts Gilich as a member of the party. He’ll be its guest speaker at the 11:30 a.m. Wednesday meeting at the Great Southern Club in downtown Gulfport.

Nosef’s letter included a photograph that he said shows Gilich and former President Bill Clinton at a “Hillary for President” rally.

“I believe Windy Swetman is the Republican choice for mayor,” Nosef wrote in the letter. 

Genzer said the letter was a surprise.

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