The Harrison County Republican Executive Committee is protesting the state party’s intervention in the Biloxi mayor’s race.

Chairman Frank Genzer of Biloxi said local Republicans are infuriated by a letter sent by state Chairman Joe Nosef that questioned the Republican credentials of FoFo Gilich, a candidate local Republicans “absolutely” 

consider a Republican. Gilich had been a Democrat, even serving briefly as local leader, but said he switched to the GOP several years ago. The Harrison County Republican Club also accepts Gilich as a member of the party. He’ll be its guest speaker at the 11:30 a.m. Wednesday meeting at the Great Southern Club in downtown Gulfport.

Nosef’s letter included a photograph that he said shows Gilich and former President Bill Clinton at a “Hillary for President” rally.

“I believe Windy Swetman is the Republican choice for mayor,” Nosef wrote in the letter. 

Genzer said the letter was a surprise.

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