BY: Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

I don’t know if you’ve heard the dreadful news but there is a new plague that has emerged in recent weeks that seems to be affecting quite a number of folks in the Republican Establishment. It’s serious and should be addressed as quickly as possible. A name has been given to it – McDaniel Obsession Syndrome (MOS).

It’s very similar to Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) that infected the Left during the Bush years, and is still affecting them long after he’s left the White House. They simply can’t get rid of these obsessions. Liberals can’t get rid of the infatuations with Bush and here in Mississippi many establishment Republicans can’t get over their obsessions with McDaniel.

One of the most serious cases has infected Alan Lange at Y’all Politics, a blog that is obsessing over Chris McDaniel on an almost daily basis. If you look at the site on any given day, you will see story after story on Senator McDaniel, many of them negative.

Lange has contrived so many different and false stories on Y’all Politics in the past year that at this point he refuses to even put his name on many of them. This latest crazy mixed bag of accusations and conspiratorial connections is a perfect example.

“It’s hard not to look at all of it and not wonder if Alan hasn’t maybe come unhinged a bit,” said Keith Plunkett, the policy and communications director at McDaniel’s United Conservatives Fund and a longtime advisor to the Senator. “I mean, here we are a year later after the campaign for US Senate and this guy is still chomping at the bit and full of all this venom. It’s buffoonery.

“A few weeks ago Lange tried to make a connection between UCF and a campaign for statewide office and claimed it as a ‘litmus test’ for the organization. UCF has yet to make any final decisions or announcements about support for candidates, so it’s difficult to see how there could be a litmus test.”

In the most recent piece, Lange attacked Senator McDaniel using a the tried-and-true “guilt by association” tactic, a staple at Y’all Politics. The article was entitled “#MSSEN #McGOP carnage continues – now National Association of Gun Rights in MS is busted by Delbert Hosemann.”

 The piece was supposed to center on Secretary of State Hosemann leveling a fine against a group called the National Association of Gun Rights for soliciting funds without registering as a non-profit. The director of the gun group is Noel Fritsch, former McDaniel Senate campaign spokesman, who Lange erroneously elevated to “campaign manager” in the article. So the inference here is that McDaniel’s top guy is now in charge of an unethical political organization that is associated with the Senator. But McDaniel has no association with the group whatsoever and has not worked with Fritsch for nearly a year.

Sadly that was only a very small part of the article. Lange took the opportunity to bash McDaniel with three other clubs – Chuck Johnson, Clayton Kelly, and the Reverend Fielder.

Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter last week after sending out a tweet seeking funds to “take out” a civil rights leader. Lange reminds his readers that Johnson was a “fixture in the Mississippi Senate race for saying the darndest (err unsubstantiated) things.” And just below that paragraph is a picture of Senator McDaniel, not with Chuck Johnson, who he only met one time, but with a lady holding a sign that said “Thank you Charles Johnson.” That’s their evidence, but evidence of what I don’t know.

Next is Clayton Kelly, whose trial begins this week. Along with a picture of Kelly and McDaniel, Lange writes that the “McDaniel campaign essentially portrayed Kelly as a rogue element. Interesting revelations may come about during the trial about who knew what when.” There’s just one problem: both sides in this case have stated that the campaign had nothing to do with this incident.

But I find it interesting that Lange slashed Chuck Johnson for making “unsubstantiated” charges during his coverage of the Mississippi Senate race, but has consistently made unsubstantiated charges against Senator McDaniel for supposed knowledge of the nursing home incident. He and his hacks at Y’all seem obsessed with tying McDaniel to Kelly’s mess. And he calls us wingnuts!

From there we move to the Reverend Fielder, who Lange reminds everyone is tied to both Johnson and Fritsch, both of whom brought us “completely fabricated allegations of vote buying during the runoff.” I guess Alan is right on this one, except for the fact that Fielder was in possession of text messages from Saleem O. Baird of the Cochran camp discussing the buying of votes. Other than that small detail, nothing to see here!

“It is no doubt irresponsible for Alan to continue these personal and baseless attacks,” said Plunkett, “and it shows how far he is willing to go to promote unsubstantiated and false statements as he grasps for relevance. It is nothing more than classless, faceless journalism.”

Engaging in such practices has made Lange and his Y’all Politics blog an odd tabloid peculiarity. It was once a top political site in Mississippi, if not most of the Southeast, but now has fallen completely into the hands of the Establishment and gone off the rails.

There’s even a section on the site called “Wingnuts,” where McDaniel is given permanent residence, as are those who are associated with him, like Keith Plunkett, Melanie Sojourner, and myself.

But the only place Chris McDaniel seems to reside permanently is inside the head of Alan Lange and those at Y’all Politics. In an attempt to make McDaniel a clown, Lange has only succeeded in making himself the clown that can’t be taken seriously any longer.

Despite the attacks, Senator Chris McDaniel has remained focused on his goals of reforming government and making life better for the people of Mississippi.

“Sen. McDaniel and all of us at the United Conservatives Fund have been working hard over many months now and accomplishing goals for our membership – Common Core, Term Limits, networking conservative groups across the state, planning for events and policy initiatives in 2016, we’re on the move,” said Plunkett. “For someone like Alan with a bee in his bonnet, maybe that doesn’t sit well. I don’t know. I just can’t understand why he doesn’t realize that continuing a pattern of obvious lies is only further damaging his reputation.”

We can only hope Lange will return to a more honest commentary and representation of the facts, and can get a handle on his MOS. But it doesn’t appear to be the direction he’s headed.

Ryan Walters is a conservative commentator and writer. He is the author of The Last Jeffersonian: Grover Cleveland and the Path to Restoring the Republic. Check out more of his commentary at

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