Police have identified the man who walked into two Gulfport stores with a gun Sunday night but are still working with prosecutors to determine whether the man broke any laws, officials said.

Gulfport police evacuated the Walmart Supercenter on U.S. 49 Sunday night after receiving a call about a man in the store openly carrying a long gun, possibly a shotgun or rifle. They received a similar call a short time after from the nearby Winn-Dixie, officials said.

No shots were fired, no threats were made and no one was injured, authorities said.

Though police have identified the man, officials declined to release his name until they determined whether he had broken a law, said Deputy Chief Chris Loposser.

Mississippi’s open-carry law, amended in 2013 and upheld by the state Supreme Court, allows Mississippians to openly carry a firearm without a permit.

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2 thoughts on “Man carrying gun in Gulfport Walmart identified, police yet to determine if any laws broken. 

    1. There is no bigger supporter of the 2nd Amendment, open carry, concealed carry, or any other gun rights than me… however, what that guy did was “brandishing” and was either stupid, or purposeful in an attempt to smear the open carry law. We won’t be able to determine that until he is identified.

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