Sen. Brice Wiggins/Sun Herald

The Sun Herald reports that State Sen. Brice Wiggins said Sunday he won’t attend Monday’s meeting of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors to explain a new law he helped author to put public hospitals under increased scrutiny.

“As I have just finished reading the most recent Sun Herald article and (board attorney Billy) Guice’s comments concerning the legislation, I do not feel that I can add anything more to the conversation and therefore I will not be attending the meeting,” Wiggins wrote in an email to the board Sunday morning.

An article in the Sunday Sun Herald previewed the meeting with comments from both sides.

“It is clear that Mr. Guice values his role as your attorney,” Wiggins wrote. “Seeing as how Mr. Guice’s legal advice and services have reached upwards of $350,000, and that you also have the board attorney’s advice, I would not want to impinge on this attorney-client relationship.”

Wiggins said he stands by the law and believes the Legislature intended to give the public more access to information and the workings of public hospitals, including the salaries of top administrators.

But supervisors publicly disagreed, and on Sunday, Board President Barry Cumbest said Wiggin’s law leaves a lot to be desired.

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