Gov. Bryant: State flag doesn’t hurt Mississippi’s image around the world. 

  In late December, Bryant sat down with The Associated Press for an interview about his priorities for the 2015 legislative session. He was asked if he sees a need to change the state flag.

The governor’s answer was a quick an unequivocal no. He said the banner does not hurt Mississippi’s image.

“I’ve been all around the world – literally, all around the world. And not once have I had a world leader – consul general, prime minister – say, ‘We’re offended,’ or, ‘We don’t like your state flag,’” Bryant said.

Asked about Mississippi residents who don’t like the flag, Bryant replied with a chuckle: “There are people in the state who are taxpayers that don’t like a lot of things.”

Mississippi has the only state flag that includes the Confederate symbol. The design has been used since 1894, and was affirmed by a nearly 2-to-1 margin of voters in a 2001 statewide election.

Since then, some black lawmakers have proposed redesigning the flag, but efforts fizzled because legislative leaders – Republican and Democrat – said voters had settled the issue.

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