House Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, is endorsing incumbents, including at a June meeting of the DeSoto County Conservative Coalition where he was briefly heckled.

“We voted with the speaker 98 percent of the time and they think we’re bad people,” said one-term incumbent Pat Nelson of Southaven.But his challenger, schoolteacher Ashley Henley, said Gunn’s endorsement is just more proof of how Nelson has lost touch with his district.

“People endorse each other,” she said. “It’s how they play this game.”

Jennings was grilled at the same conservative coalition meeting, and eventually fainted, though supporters say Jennings was overcome by heat. She doesn’t want to talk about the meeting. But having had little opposition since winning a special election in 1997, she’s not only pulled old signs out of storage, but ordered new ones.

“I’m out working, working every day,” she said.

Challengers are also taking on Forrest Hamilton of Olive Branch and Gene Alday of Walls.

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