BY: Marc A. Thiessan 


Now come all these self-righteous liberals from cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington, doing what the Charleston shooter failed to do — sowing division and discord where none exist.

Let’s be clear: The recent criticism of the Confederate flag is really not about a flag — it is about the people of the South. It is driven by the notion that most Southerners are a bunch of racists who agree with the Charleston shooter’s murderous actions. As we saw after the shooting, nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the FBI’s Hate Crimes database, in 2013 — the most recent year for which there are statistics — there were just five homicides in the United States that were classified as “hate crimes” and only one found to be anti-black. By contrast, that same year there were 2,491 recorded homicides of African Americans, of which 2,245 (or 90 percent) were committed by other African Americans. Meanwhile, of the 3,005 white people killed that year, 2,509 (or 84 percent) were killed by other whites. So most whites are killed by other whites, and most blacks are killed by other blacks — and almost none are killed in hate crimes.

In other words, there is no race war in the United States today.

Moreover, none of this political correctness is helping African Americans at all. Getting rid of the Confederate flag or banning “The Dukes of Hazzard” won’t save a single black life. It won’t do a thing to help the nearly one quarter of young African American men who are unemployed — or to lift up black kids trapped in failing schools. Instead of sowing division with historical purges, let’s celebrate how far our nation has come — and focus our energies on actually helping those who have been left behind.

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One thought on “THIESSAN: Getting rid of the Confederate flag won’t save a single black life. 

  1. classified as “hate crimes”

    This was only passed to suppress free speech or a better term would be Christian free speech. If you kill someone, anyone at least in that moment, you do hate them.

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