Mary Hawkins-Butler
 Public corruption was very much on the minds of about 50 people who came to hear candidates for public office makes their pitches at the Biloxi Community Center on Thursday.

One candidate, Madison Mayor Mary Butler, who’s running for state auditor, suggested there are irregularities in Auditor Stacey Pickering’s campaign account.

“One thing that has been burdening me,” Bulter said at the event sponsored by the three Coast counties’ Republican Party organizations, “is the mystery of the campaign account of our state auditor. We need to look at that. We need to see that those regulations and laws are abided by by the one who monitors us, the watchdog, the same as he holds others accountable for.”

She went on to suggest Pickering had improperly spent campaign money, a charge Pickering denied.

“You cannot take campaign funds that are given to you for a campaign and buy personal vehicles and recreational vehicles. The question is, have the taxes been paid,” she said.

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