Ashley Henley, a teacher who is challenging state Rep. Pat Nelson of Southaven in the Aug. 4 GOP primary, questions in a recent release the nearly $200,000 in non-itemized campaign contributions reported by Nelson since 2012. Financial disclosure laws do not require identifying donors of $200 or less.
Nelson scoffs at the claims, noting that the contributions date to 2012, don’t violate any laws and actually represent a level of grass roots support in which he takes pride.

“I’m proud of all contributions, but especially the small ones,” Nelson said Wednesday. “Some of the large ones, you don’t know if they’re contributing to everybody to cover the bases. But the small contributions, those are people who really support you.”

Henley counters that Nelson should say who contributions are coming from.

“Campaign finance reports are intended to show voters where you receive your money and where you spend it,” Henley, who is challenging Nelson for the District 40 House seat, said in a media release. “I do not hide anything in my campaign finance report, and neither should Rep. Nelson.”
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