Sponsors of the Term Limits Ballot Initiative will officially kick off the signature gathering drive at the Mississippi State Capitol on Thursday afternoon, July 23. Following the announcement at 2:30 sponsors will meet with volunteers to organize efforts across the state.

The initiative has been given the official ballot initiative number 51. It would limit the number of consecutive terms a person can serve in the same state house, state senate or statewide elected office to no more than two terms. Following sitting out a full four years, or holding a different office during that time, a person may then run for the previously held office again.

“Many other states have passed different forms of term limits,” said initiative sponsor Keith Plunkett. “Some of these had unintended consequences of shutting good qualified candidates out of office forever. That is the exact opposite of what this initiative will do.”

Plunkett says Mississippi’s term limits initiative will encourage more participation in the governing process, not less, encouraging more to get involved in public service and provide more choices for voters.

“If a particular office holder has the will of the people in mind and is truly representing them, then that elected official will have a broad coalition of engaged citizens supporting their stance on the issues,” said Plunkett. “With term limits, any one of those citizens then get a chance to take that same vision and those same values with them to Jackson as the next citizen representative, refreshing the pool of leadership in the community and in Jackson. In this way representation at the state capitol and in statewide offices become less about who you know in politics at the state capitol and more about who you represent at home. It also makes campaigns less about personality contests, money and negative attacks and more about discussion of policy.”

Senator Chris McDaniel will also be speaking in support of the initiative at the event.

“Until the people in communities across this state have an even playing field with the lobbyists and bureaucrats then we can’t hope to have good public oversight of state government,” said McDaniel. “And until we do that we can’t begin to fight the corruption that keeps Mississippi on the bottom.”

Term Limits MS Press Release

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