BY: Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

The Pickering Saga continues. In my last post I discussed the RV purchased by the Pickering campaign that has been used by the Pickering family for personal vacations, mainly to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Stacey Pickering’s wife, Whitney, has been so many times that she is literally an expert on the resort. That seems to be beyond dispute. In fact, the Clarion Ledger featured her as just such an expert in a feature story back in January.

As stated before, she is a panelist on a Mom’s Panel for Walt Disney, answering questions posed by new travelers. Here is a sampling of her expertise, while bragging about the number of trips and the use of their RV:

  A “home away from home!”
“Only a 29-footer.” I’m heartbroken!

So they might “outgrow OUR 29-footer” and have to get a new one! When Stacey runs for Lt. Gov. maybe?

“Our family owns an RV”? Not the campaign?

A “frequent camper”! Hmmm I wonder if all Pickering’s campaign contributors are glad to be able to send the family to Disney every year. Perhaps he’s scratching some backs along the way?


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