It’s not just Senator Fillingane, but something is rotten in Jackson, Mississippi. Why are taxpayers giving Fillingane a $129 per diem if he is paying for legislative housing out of his campaign account? Why are taxpayers reimbursing Fillingane’s mileage at more than fifty cents per mile if he’s paying vehicle expenses and mileage out of a campaign account? And why are taxpayers reimbursing other legislative session-related costs if Fillingane is paying himself tens of thousands for what he notes are session-related costs out of his donors’ contributions?

And what about that clothing expense? Who in their right mind believes that paying themselves $12,000 for expenses including “clothing” has anything to do with campaign activity? Hell, most minimum wage employees buy their own uniforms. Should campaign monies be used to make sure Senator Fillingane can wear designer suits? What if Fillingane then wears those same suits to court? How is that different from Stacey Pickering’s magical mystery RV that his family takes to Disney World or his daughter’s BMW if both are financed by campaign contributions?

Senator Fillingane’s finances stink to high heaven, and yet this is the man Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves chose to appoint as the State Senate’s Chairman of the Finance Committee. Something definitely stinks in Jackson, and it’s not just Senator Fillingane’s finances. It’s what appears to be a racketeering scheme of politicians misusing campaign contributions that obviously goes all the way up to State Auditor Stacey Pickering, if not higher.

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