A statewide comparison of absentee ballots cast thus far in the Primary Election shows several counties have a high number of absentee ballots requested. 

“High absentee ballots are always cause for concern with our Agency,” Hosemann said. “Now that Mississippi has passed Voter ID, absentee balloting has the highest potential for fraud in our State.”
Percentages are based on the total number of eligible voters to the total number of requested absentee ballots. Typically, about five to six percent of votes cast during an election will be absentee ballots. For the upcoming August 4th primary, five counties have requested high levels of absentee ballots:

Noxubee – 13.66 percent

Quitman – 10.77 percent

Claiborne – 7.73 percent

Tallahatchie – 7.20 percent

Benton – 5.8 percent

Jackson County (0.22 percent) and Washington County (0.20 percent) have the lowest percentage of absentee ballots requested.

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