BY: Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

A State Auditor under investigation by the FBI. The state’s major newspaper headlining the story. Serious political blogs running multiple stories on various aspects of the scandal.

Yet Y’all Politics, a site with ties to the upper echelon of the GOP and dedicated to continued Establishment control of the Republican Party, only yawned, essentially calling it nothing more than political mudslinging, which, incidentally enough, is the exact explanation given by the State Auditor himself, the honorable Stacey Pickering.

Y’all Politics has not run a single in-house story on the Pickering Scandal, and only posted small segments of two Clarion Ledger articles, which gave Pickering’s side only.

And who runs Y’all Politics? Alan Lange, who is also the President of Kinetic Staffing in Jackson.

Although Alan Lange himself is not listed as a donor to Pickering’s campaign, Kinetic Staffing has given the Pickering camp at least $6,500, possibly more, in six of the last seven years – $1,000 in 2009, $1,000 in 2010, $500 in 2012, $1,000 in 2013, $500 in 2014, and $2,500 in the first quarter of 2015. This last one seems quite interesting, especially given that there is a $1,000 corporate limit in campaign contributions. But on the campaign forms Kinetic Staffing is not listed as a corporation. It’s listed as “Other.” Other what? Who knows!

And Alan Lange has never disclosed that information to the readers of Y’all Politics.

See the Pickering Campaign Reports here:

Pickering 2009 Annual Report

Pickering 2010 Annual Report

Pickering 2012 Annual Report

Pickering 2013 Annual Report

Pickering 2014 Annual Report

Pickering 2015 First Quarter Report

Conspicuously absent is the report for the election year 2011. It is not listed on the Secretary of State’s website, which seems pretty suspicious to me.

Makes you wonder how many cars, bank notes, and garage doors are on that one! But perhaps it’s just another “clerical error,” right Stacey?

For his part, Pickering did buy a $2,000 advertisement on Y’all Politics, where he knows he will get favorable coverage. On the 2014 report there is a payment of 2K to Jackson New Media, Inc., which is registered to Lange. So it’s you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

Stacey and Alan and their families also seem to be good friends. In fact, when Lange took a leave from Y’all Politics in 2011, Whitney Pickering was quick to send her best wishes to the old chum:

So now we know why Y’all Politics has taken it so easy on Stacey Pickering. Two peas in a pod!


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