From the Madison County Journal:


Stacey Pickering had two terms to uncover a billion dollar scandal involving the Mississippi Department of Corrections and a prominent Rankin County businessman.

He also had time to uncover a scandal involving the Department of Marine Resources on the Coast, or the Singing River pension fiasco.

Like Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood, Pickering has just proven to be incapable of stopping the big cases as he focuses on the park commission workers and people who misspent a few hundred dollars.

It’s for these reasons alone we believe it’s time for a change and recommend Mary Hawkins-Butler, who has served Madison so well as mayor for more than three decades.

We believe people are innocent until proven guilty, – or even indicted – but as rumors swirl about how Pickering may or may not have spent campaign funds, his future potential legal woes could be bad for the GOP if he’s forced out.

Hawkins-Butler has the fire in the belly to shake things up and probably isn’t running for higher office like previous Auditors who were weak when it came to fighting corruption, especially in her home county of Madison. Therefore, we recommend Hawkins-Butler for State Auditor.

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