Reta Holden, who is seeking to win the House of Representatives, District 34, post from incumbent Kevin Horan, has filed an assault complaint against Horan in Grenada Municipal Court, according to copies of court documents she provided to the newspaper.

The complaint, which is not an official charge, is the result of an incident that occurred at an event sponsored by several candidates Saturday in the parking lot of a church at the corner of MLK Boulevard and South Street, according to a press release from the Holden camp.

Holden said she was talking with a local constituent when Rep. Horan grabbed her arm and began to shake her.

“He just grabbed my arm and just started scolding me. I was shocked,” Holden said, “I just felt so scared.”

A cellphone picture of the incident was provided by Holden, who said she left immediately.

In a statement released late this afternoon, Horan rejected Holden’s accusation.

In his is statement, Horan said:

“On Saturday morning, I participated in a ‘Meet and Greet’ event in downtown Grenada. My opponent did not contribute to this event, but arrived mid-morning. As she well knows, at the time this picture was taken I was actually inviting her to enjoy some barbecue. At no time during this very short stay was she assaulted in any way. I have two elderly parents myself and would never think of physically assaulting anyone, much less a person of advanced age.”

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