The United Conservatives Fund emailed members and volunteers it’s executive committee candidate rankings for statewide offices on Monday. There were no unanimous decisions and therefore no endorsements by the group. However, there were several high rankings that came close. 

Mike Hurst, candidate for Attorney General received the highest ranking with 89% approval. Gov. Phil Bryant for governor, Cindy Hyde-Smith for AG Commissioner and Mary Hawkins Butler for State Auditor all received the second highest ranking at 78%. 

“It is not surprising that our organization didn’t come to a unanimous decision in this years races,” said Policy Director Keith Plunkett. “We are still only 6 months old and there are a lot of different groups involved, and more members getting involved everyday. That type of unity has to be built over time, and we have planned this as a long-term effort.” 

Plunkett says that besides a term limits ballot initiative that was launched last month, UCF will focus on a member survey that will develop a policy agenda for 2016. 

“I expect there to be quite a bit of diversity in the policy surveys this Fall, as well,” said Plunkett. “But I also believe we’ll find some key policy points that our members will get behind.”

UCF Press Release


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