Tuesday runoff to decide who will replace Sen. Giles Ward in state senate


The District 18 Senate race will be decided on Tuesday as voters in Neshoba, Leake and Winston counties return to the polls in a runoff election.

Republicans Jenifer Branning of Philadelphia and Mark Forsman of Noxapater will face off in the race to succeed Sen. Giles Ward who is retiring.

There is no Democratic candidate in the race so Tuesday’s winner will have no opposition in the general election.

Branning polled 3,370 votes or 43 percent in the three counties while Forsman had 1,865 votes or 24 percent in the first primary.

Others in the race were Speedy Calvert who tallied 1,636 votes and Curt Pace who had 945 votes.

Branning won Neshoba and Leake counties, while Forsman carried Winston County.

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