In the statement released by Delta State: 

“As Mississippi’s most racially diverse public university, Delta State proudly embraces our region, heritage, and people. Despite being located in an area characterized by some as a place of poverty and racial inequality — the Mississippi Delta — Delta State has successfully recruited students and faculty from diverse backgrounds. We are leading conversations about race relations and building stronger communities — most notably through our award-winning race relations conference.

“In many respects, Delta State University is a cultural mecca, and we celebrate this multicultural identity associated with our people, musical heritage, literature, and the arts. Those who visit the university and the Delta from around the country and abroad deserve to know we are a welcoming community.

“Delta State is home to Mississippi’s only collegiate swimming and diving program, and boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Yet Delta State is not allowed to host NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships due to the design of Mississippi’s current flag. The NCAA has advised that “…the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression to many of our players, fans and coaches. It also believes that holding NCAA pre-determined championship events in Mississippi is not in keeping with the established criteria.”

“Delta State University stands as a living testament to the successes of equality, fairness, and social justice. We will continue to recognize and reflect on Mississippi’s history, but we will also continue to provide leadership throughout the state and beyond in advancing the understanding and appreciation for our differences and our common challenges in the region.

“For these reasons, Delta State University supports making a change to a symbol, such as Mississippi’s state flag, that promotes divisiveness and serves as a barrier to understanding.”

2 thoughts on “DSU releases statement on changing state flag, refers to university as testament to “social justice”. 

  1. just because everybody else jumps off the bridge does not mean i am. i am still able to know whats right and wrong and seems like all the people to you means certain people. that is not right.

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