A battle between several teachers and administrators and lawmakers opinions of Initiative 42 and 42-A were laid out at the Temple Theatre Ballroom. Republican representative and author of the Initiative 42-A says the real purpose behind 42-A is to shine a bright light on what 42 is really about.

“The Initiative 42 people are having to defend, not what they say they’re going to do, but what the language of their proposed constitutional change would really do. They’re uncomfortable doing that because they know Mississippians don’t want to put education policy in the hands of a judge they can’t vote for,” Rep. Greg Snowden says.

The Initiative 42 proposal would force the state to have full funding of public schools. The proposal says that people could ask a chancery judge to order the state to provide the money if the requirement wasn’t met.

“If they would follow their own 1997 law, it never has to go before a judge and never has to go to court,” Asst. Superintendent of Carroll Co. Schools Rana Mitchell says.

“What we need to be concerned with is, how well our schools are performing, how well they are teaching our kids and not how much money we’re spending on them,” Snowden says.

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