The JFP Editorial Board writes: 

Not coincidentally, Gov. Haley Barbour is currently on tour to promote the book he co-wrote with Democratic strategist Jere Nash.

While Barbour apparently calls the Port of Gulfport the “one that got away,” the truth is, the project stands with other shining beacons of the “Haley Barbour Victory Tour”—Silicor, Kior, Twin Creeks, HCL Cleantech—as corporate-welfare projects that failed to deliver on Barbour’s empty trickle-down promises of jobs and prosperity.

Hurricane Katrina offered Barbour (and others) a real opportunity to lead on housing, education and opportunity in the so-called opportunity zones; with his stronghold on Mississippi politics, he could easily have creating stability and opportunity by fully funding public education and expanding health care to the state’s citizens during his eight-year political career.


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Instead, he spent that time crafting his reputation as Mississippi’s Corporate Welfare King, writing checks to business buddies that were payable by the Mississippi treasury. (Oh … and getting the coast casinos back open on dry land.)

As we celebrate the heroes of Katrina and remember those who lost a great deal in its wake here and in Louisiana, let’s remember to put Haley Barbour in his correct slot in history, even if it’s not the one he’s trying to write for himself.

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