The (Gautier) City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to keep the Mississippi state flag flying at the Veterans Tribute Tower display at City Hall.

However, council members also voted unanimously in favor of a resolution supporting Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn’s call to consider a new state flag.

The issue came to the fore in Gautier after the flag was taken down quietly a couple of weeks ago without a formal vote. But after the American Legion spoke with the mayor, it was raised again the next morning.

“That is our state flag out there,” said Councilwoman Mary Martin. “We voted for the legislature to consider changing the state flag and I agree with that. But until it is changed our state flag should fly.”

The other council members and several speakers from the community echoed that sentiment. They said they hope the flag would be changed, either during the legislative session or by popular vote but said they thought the state flag should fly in its current form until that happens. Twenty-five members of the public spoke, with those in favor of keeping the flag flying slightly outnumbering those against.

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