The United Conservatives Fund (UCF) announced Thursday the addition of Don Hartness to the UCF Team. Hartness, a resident of Rankin County, will join UCF as a statewide field director and will act as outreach coordinator and point of contact for the many member and affiliate organizations across Mississippi.

“The United Conservatives Fund team has been working very hard since the launch earlier in the year to build an organization dedicated to a complete understanding and promotion of conservative action in Mississippi,” Hartness said. “For an organization that is only a few months old to have accomplished as much as has been accomplished shows the strength and the possibilities, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Just weeks after UCF began building its membership the group successfully organized a petition drive for a veto of SB 2161 by working with affiliate groups across the state and talking directly with Governor Phil Bryant and members of his staff. SB 2161 was a bill that would have further embedded Common Core as education policy in Mississippi. 

The organization is also spearheading a ballot initiative to introduce term limits for Mississippi legislators and state-wide elected officials, and is expected to release a policy survey to members in the coming weeks that will be the basis for a 2016 agenda.

Last month UCF Policy Director Keith Plunkett and UCF Chairman Senator Chris McDaniel were tasked with building the campaign infrastructure in Mississippi for Senator Ted Cruz when he named them as Mississippi’s co-chairman of his campaign for president.

“We have a lot going on and I think Don will be a huge asset to be sure we keep all of these projects moving smoothly and in the right direction,” said Plunkett. “He has more than proven his passion for conservatism and he is well-respected across the state.”

Hartness is an active member of the Central Mississippi TEA Party and a frequent organizer of conservative rallies and events in the Metro Jackson area. He has been a fixture in the conservative grassroots movement in the state since 2008.

“Don Hartness is a conservative champion,” said McDaniel. “He is a perfect example of someone willing to give their blood, sweat and tears for a cause they believe in. He has made sacrifices for what he believes is right that few could withstand and I am honored to call him my friend. He is a huge addition to the UCF team.”

United Conservatives Fund Press Release


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