The campaign to pass an education funding initiative is suing Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and Gov. Phil Bryant over the sample ballot the officials approved last week.

The 42 for Better Schools campaign says the language on the ballot is incomplete and contains misleading information about the financial impact the passage of Initiative 42 would have on the state.

The lawsuit, filed in Hinds County Circuit Court, says the approved ballot does not contain the original initiative language that proposed phasing in full funding of public schools. Opponents of Initiative 42 have argued immediate full funding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program would require other state agencies to cut their budgets.

“To allow elected state officials to intentionally manipulate an official ballot gain an advantage on Election Day would be a gross disservice to the nearly 200,000 Mississippians who signed petitions to place Initiative 42 on that ballot,” said Jonathan Compretta and Michael Rejebian, co-campaign managers for 42 For Better Schools and plaintiffs in the lawsuit, in a press release.

Bryant and Hosemann approved the ballot last week as members of the State Board of Election Commissioners.

Secretary of State spokeswoman Pamela Weaver said the office received the lawsuit late Monday afternoon and is still reviewing it.

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