Earlier this month, a blogger by the name of Eddie Curran divulged the details of an on-the-record conversation he had with Blanton. Curran spent much of his reporting and blogging career railing against Mississippi Power, which might explain why Blanton was so shockingly candid. If Curran’s account is true, Blanton’s motivations for securing a seat on the PSC are far from pure.

Blanton intends to take over Mississippi Power and has lined up a $600 million payment-to-arbitrage loan to do so, according to Curran. Blanton indicated the PSC has the power to revoke Mississippi Power’s certificate which enables them to operate. Should Mississippi Power conveniently fail to meet the requirements of the certificate, interested parties will move to right the ship. Those involved (Blanton’s statements imply a bevy of co-conspirators) in the electric coup are quietly lawyering up behind the scenes.

On his campaign’s Facebook page Blanton denounced Curran’s allegations, saying he has “no secret agenda.”

Blanton’s crusade against Mississippi Power is curious in its own right. That he’s seeking an office that would grant him regulatory control over a company with which he harbors either extreme animus or business interest? Worrisome at best. If Curran is right and Blanton plans to leverage his power as a Public Service Commissioner to squash, gut, and then purchase Mississippi Power, the ramifications to consumers and to the community Blanton would be “serving” are incalculable.

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One thought on “Is Thomas Blanton’s run for PSC an attempt to gut and takeover MS Power?

  1. Keith,

    Tom Blanton spoke at the convention for Mississippi EPAs and outlined exactly what his position is. Would you like a copy of that speech? You can certaintly get the facts if you make a little effort.

    It is the duty of a Public Service Commissioner to consider all options when Mississippi Power questions their own ability to provide reliable power. Someone has to take over and provider reliable power, and it’s the Public Service commission who has to deal with this.

    Sam Britton has no position on this because he doesn’t understand the law and legal issues. He is a bean counter; not an energy guy, and certaintly not Tom Blanton. Blanton is “The refund man. ”

    The Supreme Court rebuked the commission as well as Leonard Bentz. They ruled that the commission acted outside its authority when it sealed documents and raised rates illegally.

    The Barbour Machine is desperate to deliver Uncle Sam to the PSC on behalf of MsP. We need transparency and representation free from special interest and the establishment knows they are on the ropes in this race.

    So, November 3rd, Vote for Tom Blanton.

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