Senator Chris McDaniel released the following statement regarding the resignation of U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner:

“Speaker Boehner has become a casualty of an unnecessary fight the GOP is having with it’s own base. Republicans took control of the House and Senate with the help of conservatives based on promises to fight ObamaCare and illegal executive actions. But the leadership under Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have capitulated time after time. They have taken steps to hand the leverage they have over to Democrats and the President, and have reduced the role of Congress to that of an overpaid rubber-stamp committee.

“I thank Speaker Boehner for his service. But, I also think this should be a lesson to establishment DC Republicans that Conservatives simply will not stand by silently and support weak and ineffective leadership. We want fighters who stand by the rule of law and reject the insiders game in Washington, D.C. The GOP must once again become a party of principle, and Conservatives plan to make it so.”

Senator Chris McDaniel Press Release


6 thoughts on “McDaniel releases statement on Boehner resignation. 

  1. To Sen McDaniels, my Sen. Ron Johnson and ALL other Republican US Senators; I want to say what Sen. McDaniels has said and done is what conservatives have placed you in office to do. I have been watching for the past 6.5 years the refusal of the Republican leadership to address the SERIOUS issues we are confronted with all because they are afraid and acting from fear NOT faith in the American people and our great US Constitution and the tools it contains for them to make use of. I no longer support the NRSC, the NRCC, the RNC, etc. because they have all refused to carry out the oath they swore to uphold and our Constitution. May God bless Sen. McDaniels, Ted Cruz and all other true conservatives serving our country.

  2. Yes, and here is the lesson, Mr. McDaniel: Boehner quit because he was sick and tired of trying to do the country’s business with Tea Party radicals doing everything in their power to stop him. Anyone who shuts down the government I over women’s health issues is a fool. And you’re nothing but a fool wannabe.

    1. Are you aware that:

      1. Women’s health issues is performed by tens of thousands of other women’s health clinics across the country not just Planned Parenthood?

      2. That trading in fetal tissue for profit is a felony?

      3. That a government shutdown only affects “non-essential” government positions and makes up a small percentage of actual funding?

      1. 1. I think you mean, ‘women’s health issues ARE not is.’ Try to at least act like you’re educated.

        2. No one at Planned Parenthood has traded fetal tissue for profit. You have been duped by a propaganda video.

        3. Go ahead and shut down the government again. The GOP will pay a serious price for this foolishness. McDaniel is a barely functioning idiot and your support of him places you in the same category.

  3. To David … you are part of the uninformed, ill-informed, non-thinking folks that have allowed the charade in Washington, by Democrats and Republicans alike, to continue on unabated. Did you even read Mississippi PEP’s 3 items & consider what they say? Or did you simply do what Progressives always do; i.e,, attack the messenger primarily?

    1. Women’s health needs are provided by thousands of low-cost community health clinics in all 50 states. (to restate it) Planned Parenthood is not critical to women receiving quality healthcare.

    2. The videos on Planned Parenthood’s illegal and immoral activities ARE real. This group has been exposed before for the corrupt & immoral outfit they truly are. Wake up and open your eyes (& mind) David!

    3. Again, it appears you didn’t even read PEP’s no. 3 response. It is a FACT that a government “shutdown” is NOT a government shutdown (which implies a complete shutdown). Critical services continue to be funded. Only a small percentage of actual funding and non-essential positions are effected. You are buying into the false premise of Democrats and the liberal media that the federal leviathan (government) will be “shut down”, if a spending bill is not passed (that gives Obama & the Democrats everything they want, including (full) funding of Planned Parenthood).

    It’s way past time for brave and patriotic and thinking Americans – like Chris McDaniel & Ted Cruz – to push back against the status quo in DC in both parties. They are to be applauded; not demonized by non-thinking folks like you, David.

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