Jackson has netted $958,000 from a Deepwater Horizon claim although the city was more than 150 miles from where any oil washed ashore.

The city’s claim isn’t part of the $1.5 billion the state is receiving from the BP oil spill settlement. Jackson officials said recently they hope some of the state’s settlement will go to the city to help with the $400 million federal consent decree the city is under for improvements to wastewater treatment plants.

The total the city received was $1.3 million, with approximately $958,000 left after attorney fees.

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One thought on “City of Jackson gets $958,000 from BP oil spill. 

  1. What were the specifics on how Jackson was harmed by the oil spill? I am not trying to begrudge them the money if they’re deserving, but this sounds a little oily to me.

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