DeSoto County Representative-Elect Dana Criswell (R) led an initiative to send a letter to the Mississippi congressional delegation, pressing its members to vote against any spending bill that funds Planned Parenthood.


“No member of the Mississippi delegation to the U.S. Congress should support any funding resolution or mechanism – an appropriations bill, an omnibus package, a continuing resolution, or otherwise – that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood, including mandatory funding streams,” the letter read.

Recipients of the letter were Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS), and Rep. Trent Kelly. House Representatives Harper, Palazzo, and Kelly all voted against the CR that funded Planned Parenthood, while Sens. Cochran and Wicker voted to fund the government and the nation’s largest abortion provider. In the House vote, 91 Republicans voted with Democrats to fund Planned Parenthood.

“We were told by our political leaders that we needed a Republican majority in the Senate so we could fight and win on these basic issues of freedom and morality,” Criswell tells Breitbart News. “I am disappointed that our senate representatives in Washington are not listening to the people of Mississippi.”

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