The state flag is no longer flying on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, school spokesman Van Arnold confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

Both the state flag, which includes the Confederate battle emblem in its upper left corner, and the university’s flag were taken down. The American flag is now flying atop the three poles on the school’s campus.

USM president Rodney Bennett made the decision Wednesday morning to take the flags down, according to Arnold.

USM is set to release a statement this afternoon explaining the decision.

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2 thoughts on “USM follows Ole Miss lead and takes down state flag

  1. I am very disappointed in the lack of backbone in these publicly funded institutions. Seems ISIS is not the only entity intent on erasing history. I’ll bet the tax dollars these institutions receive doesn’t insult them.

  2. you have to realize that most working at the institutions are journeymen educators/administrators from other states. In addition, a significant portion of the students aren’t from Mississippi. Why don’t we replace the American flag with a solid white flag, because we definitely are surrendering as a nation.

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