From: MS Conservative Daily 


Democrat Bob M. Dearing, nearing the age of 81, wants his old job back. Out of power just four years after losing to conservative Senator Melanie Sojourner in 2011, Dearing salivates about returning to Jackson next year from District 37, all so he can make up for lost time taxing, spending, regulating, and controlling. That’s just what Democrats do.

No matter where you call home or where you cast your eyes, Democrats are all the same. Whether they reside in Jackson, Washington, or in your local city hall, they all have to same political DNA. They think the same, act the same, govern the same. From Barack Obama to Bob Dearing, Democrats want to control your life. There’s never a reason to trust any of them.

Consider Dearing’s Facebook statement:

“I champion children, our Veterans, and senior citizens, first. Then education, mental health, highways, economic development, tourism, and energy, next.”

Aside from the pure amateurishness of that statement, it is very telling as to Dearing’s true mindset. This is pure liberal groupthink, a very identifiable feature of every Democrat, especially those trying to masquerade as a conservative. The Left always thinks in terms of groups, and never individuals the way true conservatives do.

Secondly, there is nothing here that is even remotely conservative. This is just a plan for spending, spending, and more spending; regulations upon more regulations; more debt piled on too much debt. And it’s interesting to note whom Dearing left off his list: the state’s taxpayers. Like all Democrats, he has no regard for them whatsoever.

Conservative Democrats, like Dearing claims to be, are extinct, especially in the South. They once existed ages ago, departing soon after the dinosaurs. So Dearing is claiming membership in a group that although he is certainly old enough to remember, unlike most of us, no longer exists. He’s a one-man band, it seems.

But to qualify as a “conservative Democrat” one must actually be a conservative. Yet the socialist bug has ensnared the Democrats and Dearing’s platform, and his atrocious record of service, falls in that same category, right along with Obama, Hillary, and Bernie Sanders.

The race for the District 37 seat is important for Mississippi. It shouldn’t be seen as a horserace or a popularity contest. It’s not about an old friend and longtime public “servant.” This race is about our state and our communities. It’s about the future, not the past.

Nor can we afford to go soft as conservatives battle the establishment for control of the state and the party. It is imperative that we keep Senator Sojourner, a solid conservative, in Jackson so that we can be assured of a hardworking Senator who is fighting each and every day for those conservative values so many of us hold dear.

So let us guard against succumbing to emotions and casting “sympathy votes” for Bob Dearing or any candidate for that matter. A vote for anyone out of sympathy is a flippant vote cast with no thought of the state’s future.

And with the future in mind, it is troubling to see liberals on social media referring to Dearing as a “statesman.” Today we throw around the word “statesman” as causally as we do “hero.” Yet most have no understanding of its true meaning. There is a vast difference between a statesman and a mere politician. They are not one and the same.

A “statesman” is not defined as “one who has managed to remain in the state senate past the age of 80.” It refers to a true public servant who puts the interests of his/her state or nation ahead of personal interests; one who will speak the truth and tell the people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear; one who cares more for the long-term well-being of the people rather than his/her own ambition to remain in office.

So if Bob Dearing is really a conservative, as he claims, he should have no problem answering a few basic questions: How do you define conservatism? What is your plan of reform for the future of the state? How do you plan to reduce the size and scope of the government? How do you propose paying down the state’s debt? Do you have a plan that can get Mississippi’s schools out of last place or just throw more of the people’s money at it? What are you thoughts on protecting civil liberties? How do you plan to oppose Obama’s socialist agenda or do you agree with it since you are in the same party?

His past record of “service” is certainly a good indication of how he might view such questions, if he would even answer them truthfully at all.

On the issue of the state flag, which is embroiling the state, Dearing has come down on the side of the Left and against the majority of Mississippians. As Ole Miss and Southern Miss had made decisions to remove the flag from their respective campuses, a recent poll of 3,000 state citizens showed that 92% of them believed that public universities should be mandated to fly the state flag. Yet Dearing believes that the universities made the right decision.

In truth, Bob Dearing is a tax-and-spend liberal whose views are not in lockstep with most Mississippians; he is in stride with his party’s leaders – Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Though he may be running on the slogan “Experience you can trust,” his record is downright horrendous.

In 2011, the Republican State Leadership Committee ran an ad that in 30 seconds tells you all you need to know about Dearing’s 30 years of Senate “service”:

Mississippi has had enough of this kind of experience.


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