BY: Jeff Amy | Associated Press

It’s getting harder for Democrats to get even a hearing among white voters. Witness the GOP’s successful campaign in the House, where Philip Gunn told voters that any Democrat they sent to Jackson would spend four years in legislative Siberia. That theme was played out in public in the House District 90 race in Covington, Simpson and Jefferson Davis counties for a seat held for decades by Democrat Joe Warren.

With Warren stepping down, Republican Noah Sanford told voters in a full-page newspaper ad that even Democrats should vote for him, and not Democrat John B. Pope III, because Sanford was a member of the party in power.

Rep.-Elect Noah Sanford

“I ran Republican because it’s the only way to be effective for you,” Sanford said in the ad. “One thing is certain. You can only effect change if you are invited to the table where decisions are made.”

Democratic strategist and author Jere Nash said he saw similar appeals in other parts of the state.

“The Republicans clearly developed a strategy based not on attacking Democrats but urged voters to vote the Republican brand,” he said. “It was effective. It worked.”

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