MS GOP Chairman Joe Nosef

Perhaps this might be a little late to be considered news.

According to NewsMS, State GOP Chairman Joe Nosef really liked what he heard from Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich when he attended the first Republican Presidential Debate . . . over 3 months ago. 

Why that has become newsworthy now is anyone’s guess, especially when one considers that none of the three have polled very well and none have been thought to have performed well at either of the two debates since. 

It may be due to the fact that the fourth debate is scheduled for tonight, although it isn’t mentioned in the NewsMS report. 

NewsMS reports

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef was at the first Republican debate. Nosef says of the political candidates, Bush, Christie, and Kasich, in his opinion, came out on top.

“And if people felt they couldn’t relate to Mitt Romney,” says Nosef, “Donald Trump is going to have the same problem.”

Trump, however, doesn’t presently appear to be having a problem relating at all and is still leading in the national poll average. Bush is polling at number 6 behind Senator Ted Cruz, who has risen in polling steadily since the first debate in August. Kasich is in 8th place, and Christie is 10th and won’t even be allowed on the main debate stage tonight. 


4 thoughts on “GOP Chairman Nosef tells NewsMS that Bush, Christie and Kasich were winners of first debate . . . 3 months ago. 

  1. He probably thinks the debate was long enough ago that no one will remember it. Reality is though that people do remember it but no one remembers anything Christie, Kasich or Bush said.

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