Senator Chris McDaniel released the following statement regarding attempts to settle Syrian refugees in The United States and Mississippi. 

“How government responds to the Syrian refugee crisis after the attacks in Paris is one of immense importance to the national and fiscal security of our country and our state. President Obama has stated he has no intention of slowing the process by which thousands of refugees will flood into this country. Instead, the President tried to distance his policies from the attacks when he said that equating the violence in Paris to radical Islam is, in his words, ‘counterproductive.’

“Of course, reasonable minds see the President’s response as irresponsible and perhaps even dangerous.

“Granted, it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists. And yet, as Islam spreads, so does death, destruction and violence.

“Since the Paris attacks, it has become clear that some of the perpetrators entered France as Syrian refugees. If there is indeed a connection between this massive movement of displaced individuals and recent terrorist activity, prudence would suggest that some groups may be using the refugee crisis as way to infiltrate the United States and other western countries.

“But the President’s approach should be viewed as more than simply a security risk, particularly as to acceptance of refugees into Mississippi.
“Mississippi’s infrastructure is struggling; our resources are stretched to the limit. We have unacceptable unemployment rates, literacy rates and one of the highest percentage of impoverished individuals in the nation. Before we seek to extend our hospitality to the world, it would be preferred to first take care of Mississippians, our friends and neighbors who are suffering daily. Moreover, accepting people into our state who have little means to become self-sufficient will only deplete public resources and eventually add to our already unsustainable federal debt, as many become dependent on government assistance and programs.

“Although I am sympathetic to the innocent people of Syria, especially women and children who have been persecuted, the people of Mississippi at this time cannot share in such a burden. The people of Syria are a proud and kind people, but there are other states, particularly European, which have the resources required to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

“I commend Governor Bryant for standing against this breach of security and fiscal common sense.”

Senator Chris McDaniel Press Release


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