December 3, 2015–Senator Melanie Sojourner’s campaign today released the following statement regarding the filing of an election challenge with the Mississippi State Senate on Wednesday afternoon:

“From the beginning, Senator Sojourner has taken very seriously the allegations of criminal election fraud in District 37. She and many volunteers and supporters have worked hard to inspect the ballots in Franklin and Adams County over the past few weeks to find the truth. As a result, Senator Sojourner officially filed with the Mississippi Senate on Wednesday what can only be described as a very credible and compelling list of infractions in the form of an election challenge. We believe this clearly shows that had it not been for criminal voter fraud Senator Sojourner would have been re-elected as Senator for District 37.

“Senator Sojourner will focus over the next month on preparing this overwhelming body of evidence: to present to a senate committee that will be appointed to hear this case in January. We believe these committee members will find the evidence supports providing the relief set forth in the petition.”

Senator Melanie Sojourner Press Release


15 thoughts on “Sojourner Campaign releases statement on filing of District 37 election challenge with Mississippi State Senate

  1. “Dearing was targeted by Republicans in 2011. Sojourner was backed in 2011 to run against him. The “powers that be” helped her mightily (money, support, lots of behind the scenes help). She won (by about the same margin she just lost). She then proceeded to hitch her wagon to McDaniel’s Possum-express and bite every hand that ever helped her including Gov. Bryant (who she’s accused of saying “the dumbest thing I have ever heard regarding the conservative movement”), Tate Reeves, Stacey Pickering (the arch-nemesis of the Chosen One in Jones County), most of her fellow legislators and Joe Nosef. Not to mention Haley Barbour (whose likely getting some karmic satisfaction having his firm represent her opponent). Hell, she even took a shot at YallPolitics. YALLPOLITICS! All the while now, she’s crying crocodile tears about why Republicans aren’t helping her. Guess they’re just not conservative enough.”

      1. So is everything that appears here as is the case of every website devoted to a certain point of view or committed to certain persons. The question is whether the paragraph above accurately represents what happened. It seems it does.

  2. It really is amazing how powerful conservative women are. The liberals want to control women and tell them how to run their lives. But when conservative women stand up against what is wrong, it makes the liberals mad as a wet Banty rooster. This is what we are seeing. Liberals want the family broken up, which disempowers women. They want women to live in poverty and not be able to get jobs. When women show the world that we are not victims, the conservative men don’t feel threatened or put down. They feel proud and supportive. But the liberals know that if they let conservative women lead, the liberals will loose. So conservative women, stand up! It’s working! Make them squirm! They can’t complain about how the white conservative men are suppressing women by not giving us abortion funding when it’s the women demanding that it stop. Women, the world over, are literally fighting the evil in the world and making a lot of headway. I believe someone famous said that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. We need more women like Melanie Sojourner who speak the truth and set an example of what a true woman is. Christian women have a unique ability to discern the evil in the world. We are a part of the conscience in our society. When we speak the truth, people listen, even if they get mad as an angry hornet. These people that are mocking the evil that’s been rooted out in senate dist 37 are scared to death, but they are watching and listening. When society as a whole stands up and takes back our country, we will win. We must stand our ground and know what we know. When we know something, they can’t argue.

    1. There are number of problems with this comment. Among them: 1.If your comments are meant to address “liberal” Republicans in contrast to the conservatives such as Ms. Sojourner, there simply are none. No liberal Republicans in MS. 2 Women of conviction in public life are strong. This trait is not limited to women who are like Sen. Sojourner. 3. I don’t think any MS Republican is afraid of the “evil that’s been rooted out in senate district 37.” If there was corruption expose it, and let the chips fall where they will. Declare Miss Melanie the winner or order a new election, or whatever. If the Senate finds there was not, then accept that and acknowledge the choice of the voters. 4. Ms, Sojourner’s real problem is that she has chosen to define herself as an outsider who is true and good in opposition to the evil Republican “establishment.” This “establishment” helped her get elected and then she decided to make her political reputation as an “againster.” As a result she had accomplished little. Should she be seated in the Senate in January, she will be isolated by her own choice and hence have no influence. She, Sen, McD and a few others will form a small caucus who accomplish nothing and they will feel “persecuted.” As a traditional conservative Republican, I can say that Ms. Sojourner does not scare me in the least. I find her interesting, sometimes amusing, and almost always an example of the sort who imagines him/herself as pure and righteous and persecuted for righteousness sake (which, of course, is not true).

  3. Apparently your main problem with my comment is that it comes from a conservative woman. Since you’re into arguing, let’s debate this: Define conservative, then I will decide if I consider you a conservative. So far, you aren’t rating very high on my list. Personally, I wish there were more conservatives in mississippi. I know there are a lot, because they supported McDaniel last year. As for my definition of conservative, these are a few of the issues: abortion, homosexuality, low taxes, job growth and being small business friendly, keeping more of your own money and providing your own services instead of depending on the government, land rights, gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. How do you feel about those issues? I have followed the conservative movement in Mississippi for some time now and I can tell you for a fact, conservative women ARE persecuted. I am one of them, and the liberals have just beat me up for what I stand for, you included. I am a republican only because they are slightly more conservative than the democrats. I wish that we had a two party system, not the one party system we have now. I wish the liberals called themselves what they are: communists, socialist or just liberals would be fine. Then the conservatives could name our party as we see fit. But as it is, the establishment republicans pretend to be conservatives. It’s deceptive. As for the corruption that has been found in dist 37, I guess we shall see how the establishment republicans respond, if they ever respond. We’re still waiting. So far, the only response has been brutal criticism of those who dared to expose it, from, oh wait, yeah, trolls like bill smith. Ms. Sojourner didn’t choose to expose herself as an outsider from the establishment republicans. The establishment republicans disowned her when she refused to sell them her soul. I hadn’t either, and they hate me just as much. I will not stop standing up and fighting for what’s right, just as she won’t. I have witnessed corruption being exposed multiple times previously and the establishment republicans just sweep it under the rug. We are not willing to let that happen again. Just because establishment republicans benefit from the corruption doesn’t make it right. But yet trolls like bill smith just can’t get it through their thick brain that there is indeed corruption in the election process. I know it, I’ve witnessed it. Many times. I’m sick of it. It has to stop. If a liberal were to win fair and square, then ok, we will have to educate people better. But if they win the election through corruption, like (cough) cockroach, then I will fight to expose it. It’s wrong. We are not willing to let this country go down the tubes, though I fear it’s too far gone to save. People have been asleep far too long. This is much, much deeper than the so called “persecution.” For me, it’s a deep love for the dirt I live on and for the freedom to do what I want on it. I don’t want some government official telling me what I can and can’t do on my land and with my property. I’m independent like that. I want the freedom to say what I want to say and what I believe without being censored for being politically incorrect. This is the last free country in the world, at least it used to be. If we loose this one, where would we go? I don’t want to live in Iceland or Antarctica. I shutter to think of the debt our children will have to pay. It’s wrong. But the establishment republicans have done nothing to stop it, even though they had the chance. They were too busy lining their own pockets and making deals with the devil.

    1. Rose: 1. Neither my main problem nor any other with your comment has one whit to do with your being either a woman or a “conservative.” I’m married for over 47 years to a conservative woman. 2. Nor do I care one whit whether or not you consider and decide if I am a conservative. I don’t regard you and the gatekeeper of the definition of a conservative. 3. You need to check on the definition of a “troll.” Having and expressing a contrary opinion to yours, or Ms. Sojourner’s, nor PEP’s does not meet the definition. 4. You do seem to prove my point about the persecution complex that seems part of the part of the conservative world you and Ms. Sojourner and Mr. McDaniel inhabit. This is quite the opposite of real, confident conservatives. You never would have found Bill Buckley, or Barry Goldwater, or Ronald Reagan complaining about being persecuted by liberals much less by fellow conservatives. It doesn’t go with being big boy and big girl conservatives.

  4. I feel most of the republicans are liberal till the year for voting and the Nosef group leads the way.Thank goodness for Sojourner, Watson and Mc Daniel. Only 3 incumbents I would even vote for Mr. Smith.

    1. That’s interesting. The fact that you regard most Republicans liberals reveals what a small part of the conservative world that is inhabited by some folks. Of course, it’s fine to live in that world. but it cuts you off from mainstream historic conservatism and isolates you from Reagan Republicans. If the only real Republicans you could vote for are the three you mention then I would guess you are going to find very very few Republicans, incumbents or new candidates for whom you will ever be able to vote.

  5. Well, I suppose that I will just have to draw my own conclusions of how conservative you aren’t, since you refused to answer my questions about it. I’ve obviously hit a cord with that. Typical liberal strategy to change the subject when you don’t want to deal with the issue at hand. I seriously doubt that your wife is conservative by my definition if she is married to you. As far as how you’ve treated me, you don’t even know who I am, so you have no idea what you’ve said about me. And I will not be revealing it to you. You have no idea of the work I’ve spent my life doing, so you have no idea if I’ve, indeed, been persecuted by liberals, or whether I know what liberals speak and believe. As for the definition of a troll, yep, you definitely fit it: “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.” There’s a bunch of trolls on the conservative facebook pages and blogs. I’ve been around the liberal circles for years and I’ve seen how they work. Since y’all can’t win any other way, you go on and needle us conservatives just for the heck of it. I suppose it makes you feel better, maybe eases your conscience? If that isn’t your reason, then why do you do it? If you hate conservatives so much, then why don’t you just ignore us and stay in your own corrupt, rich white Republican world? Who made you the gatekeeper of the definition of a conservative? If you are, then I am as well. So yes, I’m still waiting.

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