The Clarion Ledger yesterday highlighted University of Mississippi senior Holly Baer, the first recipient of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Yip Harburg Youth Activist Award. Oddly enough, Miss Baer is pursuing a degree in religious studies from Ole Miss. 

Baer received the award for writing an article critical of the Collins community for their support of Christmas decorations in the city park. 

“Baer’s article didn’t focus on the nature of the display, but the way that the people of Collins reacted to the complaint.

“It was kind of crazy,” Baer said. “A lot of people were talking about running (the complainer) out of town.”

“Residents even held a “Rally for Christmas” at a town hall meeting, during which the mayor vowed to keep the decorations up.

“Many of Baer’s family members attended.

Shoemake said the rally was peaceful and she did not hear any of the negative comments Baer cited.

“The next week, Baer’s name appeared on an article that shed light on the vitriol of some Christians and alleged hypocrisy within religious communities.”

Baer tells the CL, “I wanted to go share the Gospel and live with the poor and really live out what I interpreted as Christ’s vision for the world. But I can’t make myself believe it anymore.”

HYDR. A Religious Studies student awarded by an atheist organization. 

Is this what they’re teaching at Ole Miss? 

4 thoughts on “Clarion Ledger article highlights atheist groups award to “ex-Christian” Mississippian

  1. It’s interesting to see people talking about me.

    The religious studies degree at the University of Mississippi is not a theological degree, nor has it ever been. It is learning about the history of religion, the modern consequences, the development of religions and scriptures, etc. etc.

    Some of my classmates are planning on becoming preachers, but others in the religious studies department (like me) are fascinated by religion and enjoy delving into its study.

    The University of Mississippi is a secular institution, so it shouldn’t be shocking that non-believers are studying religion.

  2. Flower children are now professors. Education is controlled by a corrupt government with an endless supply tax dollars. Remember the sayings, “Do whatever feels good. There is no right and wrong. God is dead.” We are reaping what was sown.

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