BY: Clay Baldwin

I am always skeptical when people speak of the current generation of young people in a way that belittles them or questions their ability to reason or show good judgment. It reminds me of elderly people telling me when I was younger that they had to walk to school up a hill, both ways. Things change, and so do the perspectives of those observing current events.

We all see a subject through eyes colored by our own experiences, upbringing and personal understanding. But never in my life have I witnessed a time where poor judgment is so rampant and so equally tolerated. The poor judgment of the student Senate at the University of Mississippi is surpassed only by its faculty, whose unsurprising rubber stamp of a vote to remove the Mississippi state flag from the campus is the most flagrant display of entitlement-ridden poor judgment I believe I have ever witnessed.

I have news for the students and faculty of the University of Mississippi, and for Jackson State, Alcorn and Mississippi Valley whose public schools also “refuse” to fly the state flag. It is not your school, it is not your campus, and it is not even your flag pole. You are nothing more than stewards allowed to tread the grounds for a short time, for a fee. Moreover, you have absolutely no right to say what flies on a flagpole that was paid for and continues to be subsidized by the people of Mississippi.

Who do you think you are? People who have never and will never attend your university have paid and are now paying for it. Your tuition is paltry. Your institution would close its doors without the people paying for it to exist. If you are so offended, then your referendum should also state you are refusing to accept state funds until the flag is changed. But we won’t hear that now will we?

Here is an idea. A vote by the student Senate, faculty and administration calling for the Mississippi Legislature to change the state flag, or to place such an issue on the ballot once again, but respecting the stated will of the people of the state of Mississippi. And then personally lobby for action and campaign for like-minded candidates. Instead, you demand your way like a fit-throwing child. And you do so with the consent and encouragement of a faculty calling themselves educated professionals.

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One thought on “BALDWIN: State flag issue is not up to students

  1. Would be more likely to have a good effect if people such as Mr Baldwin, Keith Plunkett, and Chris McDaniel would say, “The flag should be flown by MS institutions so long as it is the flag of the state of Mississippi. But, we understand that the present flag with the inclusion of the Confederate Battle Flag does not and cannot represent or claim the loyalty of all the citizens of our state, Therefore, we will support an initiative to change the flag so that it will represent all our citizens, black and white. We all are Mississippians, and we want a flag to which we all can freely and happily give our allegiance.”

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