BY: David Stockman

I have said all along the Paul Ryan is a complete fiscal fake. After all, he has spent years braying about the national debt, but never saw a defense program he didn’t want to fund or a bailout that would help his Wisconsin district that he couldn’t rationalize.

Fiscal conservative? The man voted for the TARP bailout of Wall Street and the bailout of the GM/UAW thieves, too.

And year after year he proposed a “Ryan Budget Reform Plan” that was a complete fraud. He did not remove one dime from social security spending, ever.

Nor did his fiscal plans do anything about the $700 billion in annual cost of Medicare for at least a decade into the future. And he didn’t even bother to balance the Federal budget until 2037!

But what is so obnoxious about this current pork-festooned betrayal of the taxpayers is that it was totally unnecessary.

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One thought on “STOCKMAN: Meet John Boehner Ryan—The GOP’s Favorite Fiscal Fake Folds Fast

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