Trump has booked the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for his first public appearance in Mississippi since his failed attempt in the mid-1990s to build a $60 million casino-aquarium in Gulfport. How will “The Donald” for president play in the Magnolia State? Probably pretty well, if he’s still in the hunt by then, even some of his opponents’ Mississippi reps grudgingly admit.

“I don’t know of any polling directly in Mississippi right now, but at the local cafes and other places I go to, he seems to be resonating quite well,” said Jackson attorney and former gubernatorial candidate Mitch Tyner, recently named chairman of Trump’s Mississippi campaign committee.

Tyner said Trump’s uninhibited straight talk, independence from PACs and lobbies, and even his personal wealth appeal to Mississippians fed up with Beltway politics and power brokers.

“And I see a really diverse group of people supporting him. At Tommy’s Trading Post last week, there was a guy about 80 years old praising him. My wife, who’s a jeweler, works with an 18-year-old female who’s supporting him. He’s appealing to a lot of folks, and yes, I think he would be appealing to both Democrats and Republicans here.”
Tyner said, “So many people in the public feel like we are electing folks put before us by the parties and the super PACs and the lobbyists.”

State Sen. Chris McDaniel is Mississippi chairman for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’ presidential campaign. He believes Cruz will win out in the Magnolia State, but “at the same time, I love the courage Trump is displaying.”

“Both (Cruz and Trump) are courageous in their own way,” McDaniel said. “My personal opinion is that Sen. Cruz has a slight nod over Trump because of his ability to communicate the conservative message in a reasonable fashion. All the positive traits of Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Donald Trump — Sen. Cruz can personify them in a single individual.”

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One thought on “MS Gulf Coast gets ready for Trump show. 

  1. “Mississippians fed up with Beltway politics and power brokers”

    For instance, Barbour, Cochran, Wicker, Palazzo, and Harper.

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