Under a set of proposals passed by the Senate yesterday, many of the state’s agencies could see drastic cuts up to five percent next year. The Senate has also approved measures that would increase funding for public schools by roughly 40 million dollars, as well as increases in Medicaid and the state’s foster care system.

Republican Buck Clarke of Hollandale is the Senate Appropriations Chair.

“We only had about $29 million in new money to play with,” says Clarke. “So in Senate action, we had some priorities to tend to. We then went back to all the other budgets to see how much you have to cut now. It equated to four or five percent cuts across the board for every other agency to be able to plus those things up.”

In the House, lawmakers have yet to really address next year’s budget. Over the past week, they’ve passed a number of so-called “dummy bills” serving as placeholders until later in the session.



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