Attorney General Jim Hood said Monday that he has not determined whether his office will defend the religious freedom law signed by Gov. Phil Bryant last week if it is challenged in court.

A number of civil liberty groups say they are considering legal action and legal scholars ranging from the University of Mississippi to Harvard have raised concerns about the constitutionality of the law, which allows circuit court clerks and business owners to refuse service to same-sex married couples based on religious beliefs.

Proponents of the law continue to defend it, including the law’s author, House Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, and Sen. Jenifer Branning, R-Philadelphia, an attorney who discussed the bill on the Senate floor.

Hood said his office will have to determine whether to defend the law based on the issues raised when a suit is filed.

“It all depends on the facts of a case,” he said in an interview Monday with reporters. “Once it goes into effect, we’ll have to look at it at that time.”



One thought on “AG Hood says facts of case will determine if his office defends any challenge to Religious Freedom Law. 

  1. I would expect no less from Obamacare Hood. Of course the law is perfectly legal. That’s why we are getting the boycotts from the conscientious and morally upright Canadian has-been pop star and hollywood slu…eh, I mean actress.

    Now if your a Christian you do not get to be contentious. You must participate and legitimize.

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