The Rankin County GOP Chairman Greg Harkins on Saturday refused to hear any motions or nominations from precinct delegates except for those to put forward a previously handpicked slate. The slate of delegates were emailed prior to the meeting and told to fill out a new form to be sent to the state GOP HQ prior to the meeting if the wanted to be considered. This form was not shared in the 2016 materials first sent out by the state GOP.

The results of what is being referred to by some as the MS GOP’s Rankin County Railroad was a group of angry precinct delegates as the chairman adjourned the meeting. See the video by clicking the image below or follow this link (



6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rankin County GOP Chairman railroads through delegate nominations, refuses to hear any other motions.

  1. There is nothing in this video that shows anyone being railroaded. It is apparent that some did not like the outcome. It is also apparent that they did not know the standing rules or bylaws of the organisation nor the rulesof the house. What his video shows is a motion to adjourn before the house. There were those, who not liking the outcome, did not want to adjourn. But, when a motion to adjourn is before the House (the chairman having recognized the maker of he motion and the motion being seconded), the motion to adjourn takes precedence over any and every other motion that may be pending and is not debatable. The chairman’s job is immediately to put the motion to a vote. If it passes the meeting is immediately adjourned.If it does not pass business continues (by way of motions, not free-for-all discussion) until a motion to adjourn passes.

    1. As stated in the post, the video here is but a reaction following the meeting. Many of those in attendance have stated that no motions by delegates were heard. Many delegates made motions throughout the meeting that were ignored, and one delegate was standing and asking to be recognized for the entirety of the meeting from the very beginning.

      1. I was not there; apparently neither were you. The issue, it seems to me, is. Did the chairman of the meeting violate the standing rules and/or bylaws and/or did he violate the rules of the house (Robert’s or whatever parliamentary) rules were in place. If the chairman ran over the rules then the chairman is wrong whether through ignorance or intention. On the other hand, there are ways must be recognized to speak, motions that are in order or not in order, etc. Sometimes people come to meetings assured their cause and angry if there cause does not prevail, certain that they got railroaded. In such instances there is often an ignorance about how one gets the floor, makes a motion, etc. Perhaps those who are trying to dislodge those who presently hold offices and run meetings should hold classes for their followers on parliamentary and other rules. But it seems in these present cases there is not a little paranoia about an “evil establishment,” a “Kasich plot” etc. This paranoia tends to color the way peceive what went on in the meetings.

  2. William Smith, and I guess you never got the memo from Mr. Joe Nosef: Here it is for you.
    “The bottom line is is I told you this can happen one of two ways either we work together and include people that we trust and also happen to be Trump and Cruz supporters or we just put whoever we want to on there have a big fight and end up in the contest committee in Cleveland. And like I told you I can promise my cousin and anybody else if they even so much as raise their voice they’re going to be outside in the parking lot and they won’t be back in and no I won’t be removing them somebody with a gun and a badge will be”-

    ‪#‎firejoenosef‬ ‪#‎cheatingjoenosef‬

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