Some of the reforms [Secretary of State Delbert] Hosemann wants addressed include increased penalties for people who are caught cheating; easier process for changing voter registration information; and a process for early voting and online registration.

However, the early voting and online registration measures passed in the House but were rejected by the Senate.

“It makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Hosemann said. “It’s good, bipartisan legislation that we worked on with dozens of Mississippians to get there.”

The reforms bill, which passed unopposed in the House and passed unopposed as amended by the Senate, failed on a voice vote in the House as members could not agree to support the Senate’s proposed change regarding campaign finance reform.

“It passed (both houses) 170 to 0 and we still don’t have a bill,” Hosemann said. “I clearly was disappointed and dismayed that we didn’t get this legislation through.”

Hosemann believes lawmakers support the core of the legislation, so hopes they can retool what they previously disagreed on and pass the bill so it will become law this year.


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