[Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Treasurer Lynn Fitch have] been publicly feuding for a week over the state’s latest bond bill, a 640-page law that ranges from $45 million for Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula to $30,000 for Jackson parks. The spending on the parks, roads and other infrastructure is one thing that set Fitch off.

Reeves, on the other hand, called her complaints “political pandering.”

Pandering for what?

“I don’t know whether she does or doesn’t,” said Reeves about Fitch’s possible political aspirations. “I do know that I received the letter she sent on Wednesday afternoon (April 20), after we adjourned. The bond bill conference report was signed on Sunday night. We passed it on Monday. The last day you could hold it on a motion to reconsider was Tuesday. So, I don’t know why we received it that late or if there were serous concerns why they weren’t expressed earlier.”

Fitch, when asked if she was running for governor, didn’t exactly rule it out.

“What a compliment,” she said, although she was quick to add she likes the job she has.

Reeves, who earlier joked that if appointed king he could streamline the bonding process, said “When is that?” when asked if he was running.

“I pretty busy right now, doing my current job,” he said.

Reeves also called Fitch’s public airing of the disagreement “irresponsible.” Fitch said it was Reeves and company who are being irresponsible, driving the per capita debt to $1,747, which she said is almost double the national average. They don’t even agree on the final price tag. Reeves puts it at $250 million. Fitch says it’s more like $308 million.


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