House Judiciary B Chairman Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, said it has been his honor and privilege to work closely with Campbell for several years.

“As vice chairman of Judiciary B Committee, she has been a tireless voice for victims of domestic abuse, and the aged and the vulnerable,” Gipson said. “And I’m very sad to learn she is leaving the House, but I’m certain she will do a wonderful job in this new role.”

Campbell has been an advocate against domestic violence and crimes against minor children. Also, Campbell has supported fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), the formula used to determine funding for K-12 education, expansion of Medicaid in Mississippi, and funding and support for mental health agencies and medical hospitals to ensure quality care, especially in rural areas.

The lawmaker said she is also proud of her role in helping pass legislation to make it a crime to engage in human sex trafficking.

Once Campbell officially resigns, Gov. Phil Bryant will have to set a special election for the District 72 seat to select a person to serve out Campbell’s term, which ends in 2019.



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