[Jackson] Councilman [Kenneth] Stokes says the aim of [his new gun] ordinance is to get guns out of the hands of careless people.

“You must allow people in this city to feel safe, and if you’re asleep at night and then you’re hearing all this gunfire, you can’t feel safe,” said Councilman Stokes.

The councilman says that the law will mostly rely on eyewitnesses to report when people shoot guns in the City of Jackson.

He will introduce the ordinance at the city council meeting Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

Also on the agenda, Councilman Stokes is presenting a “no confidence vote” in Governor Phil Bryant to be considered on Tuesday as well.

Councilman Stokes says this is in response to the Religious Accommodations Act, Confederate Heritage Month and the fact that Mississippi’s state flag hasn’t changed.



2 thoughts on “Jackson Councilman Stokes to introduce gun ordinance and “no confidence vote” in Gov. Bryant. 

  1. This guy is a joke and evidently hasn’t read the gun laws in Mississippi. It clearly states that no local government can enact any ordinance before the date of the open carry laws pass in 2013. Perhaps he should consider playing an Fat Albert look alike instead of being an politician.

  2. If he is so concerned about careless deaths, perhaps he should start banning cars. Texting and other stupidities occur daily by careless people attempting to drive… He is one more stupid democrat – he should be banned…

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