BY: Alan Turner

Notwithstanding the brouhaha over the Jackson Airport Board, the really important thing is to transform the airport into a facility that we can be proud of. Recently, I happened to be chatting with someone who flies into and out of the airport on a frequent

“You know,” she said, “Whenever I come into the Jackson airport, the first thing I notice is that the whole place smells like old grease.” That struck me in the gut, so to speak. She went on to lament the loss of Southwest Airlines, saying that made things much harder from a business traveler’s perspective.

I have written before about how expensive it generally is to fly from Jackson. I have personally flown from New Orleans or Gulfport because it was much less expensive than flying from Jackson, and also because the schedules were far more convenient. I am not alone in this. A member of our staff recently saved $1,000 on his family’s vacation by flying from New Orleans rather than Jackson.

It’s a standard line, but a true one, that a world-class market demands a world-class airport. I’m not necessarily seeking to cast blame here, but instead to suggest that what we need to do is get together and MAKE IT BETTER.



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